Confession: I Want To Get Famous For This

OK so I know that blogging anonymously is a shit way to get famous but there’s still this little part of me–vain, egocentric, gasping for attention–that dreams of combining Carrie Bradshaw, Kathleen Hanna and Garance Dore into one.

I want to write funny little blogs that all the women around me can’t wait to read. I want to sit and gossip about who ‘Trash Broad Confessional’ could be, with a little smirk on my face, knowing it’s me. I want to confess a whole lot of things that women–yes, white women, the most visible women, the most bloggable women–suddenly realise are exactly perfectly true.

God, what a twat.

Actually I just want a reason to sit at my computer and write, a few times a week, with a cup of tea and my big woolly dressing gown, and not have to keep running the same thoughts over and over in my head. Remember when blogs were like diaries?

I remember. I was a teenager in the 2000s.


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